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One 2 One Training

Pups and Pooches are delighted to offer a personal one 2 one training service.

These visits are available for any dog. Not every dog (or owner) benefits from group training sessions, so one-2-one dog training can be a practical alternative.

A one-2-one session enables you to discuss any problems you are experiencing in more detail, with advice specifically tailored to the family’s individual circumstances.

Just got a new Pup?
The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life are the most important and it is crucial that puppies are exposed to as many pleasant experiences as possible during this time.

Advice can be given to help settle your puppy into their new home or help with common problems such as housetraining, leaving the puppy alone and play biting. Owners are taught to use modern, reward-based training techniques to gently guide their puppy into good habits.   

Puppies grow up rapidly and it is important that if your puppy is beginning to show unwanted behaviours you resolve them sooner rather than later. The longer you leave these unwanted behaviours to continue, the harder they will become to resolve.

Can’t make the classes? Want to get an early start on training, before your new pup has had their vaccinations?
No problem, we can come to your home and provide you with a detailed training plan, designed just for you and your dog.

Is your dog nervous / boisterous around other dogs?
We can arrange to meet you in your home or out for a walk and gradually introduce your dog to other friendly and calm dogs to help get your pooch over it’s anxieties.  

Is your pooch suffering from separation Anxiety?
We can walk you through tried and tested methods to calm the stress on you and your pooch to enable a transition into a happy healthy   pooch.

Are walks the stuff of nightmares? Struggling with Recall?
We can arrange to join you on a walk and turn “walkies” in to a pleasant and fun experience for the both of you.

Just rescued / adopted a pooch?
A one-2-one session can be particularly useful for those owners who have just taken on a new rescue dog and would like advice on how best to settle Them in.

Whatever the reason,  give us a call and see what solutions we can offer you and your pooch.


Enjoy a stress free and enjoyable lesson.

Remember: A dog (or owner) is never too old to learn!

Pups and Pooches.

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