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Lorraine (Canine Trainer) about me:
Dogs have been a big part of my life from being young. I wasnt allowed my own but three days a week I was regulary found at my relatives house with their Dalmatian who I spent all day with.

As I got older, instead of calling for my friends I would be found calling for dogs, walking and playing with them. As soon as I got my own home the first thing in the home was of course a dog, a lab/collie cross.
Then I went onto having more and more... I've had dobermans, lurchers, jack russells, german shepherds, irish wolfhounds, collies and a miniature pinscher. 

I have also always been involved with dog clubs. I have run my own dog club now for many years with my partner and am now looking forward to the progression of Pups and Pooches.

I have learnt along side the best trainers and am continuing to do so, as I feel it is important to keep my education up to date. I have done displays in the main ring at crufts and I have also been on the television programme Top Dog with Katie my collie who sadly isnt with us anymore.

I compete with my dogs in heel work to music and I have been showing my miniature pinscher's. Have won multiple Crufts awards including 1st.

I love nothing more than to watch my classes and watch owner and dog progress, leaving with happy dogs and smiling owners. Happy dogs, happy days. 
I believe in and practice kind, fair and effective training.
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